Loan Portifolio


Forex & Bitcoin Trader makes consumer loans to customers that want a quick response, desire courteous service and may not have another source to obtain the money they need.

Forex & Bitcoin Trader loan information.

  •  Amounts from $5,000 – $500,000
  •  Signature loans (no collateral required.)
  •  Telephone applications accepted
  •  All loans are not based on credit worthiness of applicant
  •  Repayment period between 1- 20 years




Forex & Bitcoin Trader loan advantages.

  •  Money when you need it
  •  Establish credit
  •  Over 8 years experience
  • Professional service
  •  Answers usually within 30 minutes
  •  No pre-payment penalties
  •  No credit back ground check will be conducted
  •  Cash within 24hours.


The size of the loans we make are not based on limits set by the various states in which we operate, and range from $5,000 – $500,000 with scheduled payments of 1 to 20 years.

F&B® does not rely on collateral or security in making loan decisions, but looks primarily to the character of the customer and their ability to make the proposed payments within the context of their monthly operating budget. We do a budget analysis on every applicant and make loans only to those customers that have the ability to repay the loan based on this analysis.

In an effort to give our customers an added value to having a loan with us,F&B® reports all customer’s loan payment history to the three national credit reporting agencies, allowing them to enhance their credit profile for use in obtaining other sources of credit.