What products can be traded with F&B?

Stock market indices, individual stocks, currencies, and all major commodities like crude oil.

What are the commissions and fees charged by F&B?

All trading with F&B is 10% of your investment returns. All you need to do is apply for an account, send your funds once your application as been approved and wait 14 days for the returns.

How do I open a Live account?

Goto the Application page of our website to submit the online application form.

Is Forex & Bitcoin Trader licensed as a broker?

Yes.  F&B is authorized for trading in financial and commodity-based derivatives and other securities, including foreign exchange.

How do I know my funds are safe once I make a deposit with F&B?

F&B maintains a rigorous policy of holding client funds in separate bank accounts from firm operating capital. These funds are never commingled and F&B ensures that client liabilities are fully funded. In addition, F&B boasts a balance sheet with net capital in excess of most minimum regulatory requirements.

What does F&B offer that other online brokers do not?

We believe that low cost of trading, safety of funds, excellence of trading ability, little or no effort trading abilities, quality of execution, and breadth of product offerings are the primary features that set us apart from our peers. F&B has the widest range of products (currencies as well as S&P500, Dow Jones, Shares, and Commodities) offered at zero commissions, and with lower margin requirements than the exchanges or other brokers. In addition, client confidentiality and a tax-free jurisdiction are unique F&B benefits. Please see The F&B Advantage for more details.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

Via email request, which can be made via the contact emails on our Contact page. Withdrawal requests are processed within 24hours of receiving the email, although usually the same day. You can receive funds in any major currency via bank wire transfer, check, or money order.

How do I add funds from my account?

Via bank wire transfer, bitcoin, debit card, zelle, venom, or cash app.

What if I have questions, trade disputes, or complaints?

F&B prides itself on a very low rate of trade disputes and complaints. Any trade disputes that are market price and time sensitive should immediately be brought to the attention of our dealers via email or telephone.

What are the account opening minimums?

USD $500 – USD $5,000 in 14days (Silver memberships)

USD $1,000 – USD $10,000 in 14days (Gold memberships)USD $2,000 – USD $20,000 in 14days (Prenium memberships)
USD $5,000 – USD $50,000 in 14days (VIP memberships)

Will I be required to Give my SSN, and/or Bank Account Number?

You will not be required to give your SSN but we will required a valid ID number for future references while a Bank Account Number will only be required if you want your returns deposited in your account.

Do I get a Receipt or any Paper Work?

Yes, you get a Certificate of Investment the same day after your Initial Investment has been received , a link which will contain a username and password for you to keep track of your account.

How will I know if I am accepted for membership?

You will be notified by email, within 24 hours of your Membership Application submission.